Will Georgia Make a Run at Muschamp and This Week’s BM Poll

Dead Man Walking in Athens. The college football world was prepared for Mark Richt’s demise this year. Leading off with Boise State and South Carolina wasn’t going to be easy for the Bulldogs. Those two high profile losses mean Richt is 14-14 since 2009. And so barring a miraculous turnaround, Georgia will be looking for a new head coach this offseason.

The collapse of the Richt era is hard to fathom. Florida fans saw firsthand the prolific offenses Richt directed while an assistant at Florida State and knew he was instantly an upgrade from the likes of Jim Donnan and Ray Goff when the Dogs hired him. Richt didn’t disappoint, winning 13 games and the SEC title in his second season. Georgia won 44 games over four years from 2002-2005 and two SEC championships. But they could never get over the hump, never playing for the national championship and usually losing to Florida in Jacksonville, a surefire death wish for any Georgia coach. His Florida missteps would be more pronounced if not for his 2007 celebration and subsequent win.

So if Georgia is in the market for a head coach, does Will Muschamp enter the conversation? If South Carolina had been Steve Spurrier’s first head coaching position, would Florida have been able to lure him home? The pull of the alma mater, as surely anyone reading this blog would agree, is immense. As much as we like to think Florida is the best job in college football, for a guy like Muschamp, how much greater is it than any other elite program in the SEC? Remember Muschamp has done the tour through the conference with stops at Auburn and LSU to go along with his Georgia playing days.

This isn’t meant to be outrageous, although it is surely meant to grab some page views. I don’t think Muschamp would leave after one year. I would be more worried if this was five years or so down the road. But it does make you think and given the capitalistic, cutthroat way of college football, it isn’t outside the realm of the possible. If you disagree, let us know in the comments section or hit me on twitter (@shawn_kopelakis).

On to this week’s poll. Half of Bourbon Meyer are conformists and submit ballots that basically match the AP and coaches. The other half are wild-eyed lunatics who have no clue what the so-called rankings are and judge teams only based on how they play on the field. The result is something slightly off kilter. Some of us love Oklahoma State, Baylor and South Florida, others stick to Oklahoma and Auburn. Enjoy the mix below.

1. Alabama
2. Oklahoma
3. LSU
4. Boise State
5. Wisconsin
6. Stanford
7. Oklahoma State
8. Florida State
9. Arkansas
10. South Carolina
11. Virginia Tech
12. Nebraska
13. Texas A&M
14. Florida
15. Michigan State
16. South Florida
17. Baylor
18. Oregon
19. Arizona State
20. West Virginia
21. Ohio State
22. Texas
23. Auburn
24. Michigan
25. Central Florida

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One Response to Will Georgia Make a Run at Muschamp and This Week’s BM Poll

  1. Sean says:

    At this point in his career, I doubt Muschamp would go to Georgia, and I also doubt that Georgia would even put his name on the table for consideration.

    I like Muschamp a lot, and I’m glad he’s the coach of the Gators, but taking my O & B glasses off for a moment, I can’t imagine why Georgia would consider him. After firing one of your winningest coaches, you’re going to replace him with a guy with a 1-year head coaching record?

    OK, maybe, but not at the price tag Muschamp would surely command. Foley did not bring him in on the cheap, as he did with Zook. Georgia would have to make him the 2nd or 3rd highest paid head coach in the conference to pull him out of Gainesville. Why do that, when you can find another up-and-comer for under $2 million per year.

    And anyway, going from Florida to Georgia does not seem to be a sensible career path. It’s a lateral move, at best, to a program that has been looking up at the former for nearly two decades now. Muschamp doesn’t seem the sentimental type when it comes to his career choices, and his current situation seems to be tailor-made to make him a successful head coach.

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