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The University of Florida does not lack media coverage. From the local media to the University’s own media arm Gatorzone, Gator Athletics gets pretty well covered. AND that does not even begin to scratch the surface of those independent media types and bloggers out there.

In early April 2012, The Gator Grind, a new website launched with a unique Gator Athletics concept attached to it.  The Gator Grind gives the athletes themselves a voice. The concept/idea began with the University of Florida’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).  SAAC thought the website would be a great way to allow student athletes to share their complete student-athlete life. The blog content began the first week of April, and the writing teaming is comprised of at least one member from each sport (both male and female). The content covers the whole student-athlete life perspective from practice, to games, to community development responsibilities, and of course class (got to make progress towards that college degree).

SAAC got the concept and website idea approved from the University Athletic Association (UAA), so although the website is completely student run it is approved by the University. Translation: Although it should provide great insight into student-athletics there probably are not going to be any twitter-like slips or public relationship bruising blog write ups.  The other downside we see coming is that student athletes are crazy busy. Are they really going to have time to blog about their experiences? I guess we’ll just have to see.

The three biggest/recognizable names writing for the site are Frankie Hammond (WR – Florida Football), Matt Patchan (OL – Florida Football), and Patric Young (F/C – Florida Basketball). But some other names true Gator fans should recognize are Michelle Moultrie (OF – Florida Softball) and Elizabeth Beisel (Florida Swimming and Olympian). Click the link for the rest of the Gator Grind team.

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