Tao of Will Muschamp

Gator Nation already knows Coach Will Muschamp is intense (in fact @UnsportsmanGent  and @BourbonMeyer cover that via the Muschamp Intensity Meter).  If you had any doubt then your mind was changed when you witnessed his intensity and wrath at the NCAA about the Sharrif Floyd suspension.

BUT there is another phenomena that has swept Gator Country, and that is the Muschamp Stare. Tweet them @MuschampStare and you are likely to end up on their website. Muschamp Stare got a huge bump last week when Erin Andrews (a University of Florida Alum) commented on the website live on College Game Day. Bourbon Meyer is not sure how long Muschamp Stare can keep it up (pictures of people staring into a camera), but we applaud the idea. Coach Muschamp is a force. He’s intense. But best of all he is ours and you KNOW he cares about his players.

Gator Nation is so blessed to have had Coach Spurrier, Coach Meyer, and now Coach Muschamp (yes, we skipped Zook).  Keep “The Swamp” loud, pressure the opponents, and most of all please, please stare them down like there is no tomorrow. If that feels awkward to you then you can always just buy this shirt…

…Shirts can be purchased here.

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2 Responses to Tao of Will Muschamp

  1. I’m gonna have to get me one of those shirts…

  2. Patrick says:

    Make that shirt in a Frat tank and I’ll buy 15 of them for my roadtrip to Auburn.

    Bonus points if on the back it says “Hey Auburn! Not so easy without our sloppy seconds, is it?”

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