Taking Bets – Saturday Hosting Vandy

Wow check out the South Carolina prediction. It was right on the money. Today is the last day to build up a little bankroll to blow on the Super Bowl. The fact that I haven’t bet it yet should tell you who Im planning on taking, but lets not get off track here. The Gators never did put away the Gamecocks because they were looking forward to the next couple of games versus ranked opponents. Well I am guessing that Billy D did not appreciate that. The Gators are gonna come out with a vengeance in this game. Look for an early lead like the one against South Carolina. Boynton has been quiet lately and I expect a few early 3s to get him going. This weekend they will not let their opponent hang around. The Gators continue stretching that lead well into the second half. I like both the Gators to cover the 6.5 point spread as well as the over 145. I think this game ends up around 80-65 with the Gators keeping their foot on the gas pedal the entire time as they put together a great game to show Kentucky.

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