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September 15, 2007.  It’s a blazingly warm day in Gainesville… as far as we can tell.  It is September in North Central Florida, and the national TV coverage shows bright, sunny skies on the plasma portal before us, so we can assume it is oppressively hot… just the way we like it for our visiting foes.  Though we are not there for what is typically the first real test of the year against the Vols, we are all there in spirit… and spirits.  The Bourbon Meyer was born on this day out of the need to be there.  To feel the hot Florida sun, the cozy feeling of a University Avenue Burger in the belly accompanied by a traditional fall Saturday beverage, and the onset of swampass forming in our cargo shorts from hopping to tailgates, house parties, Grog House, and ultimately, to Ben Hill in the 110% humidity.

On this date, there is more to celebrate than just the onset of conference play and a big rival.  After only two years, our already-legendary head coach has brought us a national title.  Just 8 months and 8 days earlier, the Gators were dismantling the myth of the Big 11 (remember the outcry for an tOSU/Michigan rematch) behind what was a frustratingly good offense lead by Chris Leak and what may be the best defense in the history of Florida football.  Two years!  He has to be honored!

As stated, we are not in Gainesville on this special date of commemoration, celebration, and invention, though Gainesville is in all of us (along with a couple shots of bourbon, some sweet tea, and a generous squeeze of lemon).  The pride of being a Gator brings us all together every Saturday, even though we may be over 1000 miles away.  When the big game approaches, we still remember the unwashed, flea-beareded men in jorts holding cardboard signs looking for tickets on Tuesday as they coast down Buckman Drive.  We wear our lucky boxer shorts or Teebows all week.  We throw on our jerseys and conduct our rituals that lead to victory.

BourbonMeyer.com is our continued toast and cheer to college football, the Gators, all angles of sports, and most of all, the camaraderie we share while soaking it all in, no matter where we are.  So sit back with an old souvenir cup, our handy recipe, and enjoy.  Feel free to chime in with your own takes, compliments and joneing.  That’s what it is all about!

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