Bourbon Meyer’s 2011 Gator Football Predictions

This is the second Gator Football Season for This blog started off as a way for a group of buddies from college to share their thoughts, ideas, and disagreements. We’ve grown a lot as a group but we haven’t deviated from what got us here.

In our unscientific poll, Gator Nation has the Gators winning 8 or 9 games this year.  Here are our quite differing opinions on how the 2011-2012 Gator Football Season will play out…

Paul Sjoberg

FAU-W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–W | AU–W | UGA–W | VU–W | USC–L | FU–W | FSU–L

Charlie Weis gets the offense serviceable, and the defense is better than even advertised. We struggle and squeak out some close wins but the season is surprisingly good.  Not a championship season but at 9-3 we are quite respectable. Brantley rides off into the sunset with little fanfare and via recruiting the young talent keeps rolling in.


FAU–W | UAB-W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–L | AU–W | UGA–L | VU–W | USC–L |FU–W | FSU–L

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.  Every part of my brain thinks the Gators go 7-5 this year, but I have hope. Hope John Brantley isn’t the biggest QB bust of the past decade. Hope Charlie Weis is a better offensive playcaller than he showed at Notre Dame. Hope that first time head coach Will Muschamp knows what he’s doing. Hope that a big time receiver emerges. Hope that the Demps/Rainey combo can get to the edge. Hope that the young defense grows up fast. So I hope they win their home games. I hope they beat up on an LSU team that has to play a QB they don’t want. Hope they sneak out a win in Jacksonville like they did last year. This team has the talent to go 11-1, but everyone in the SEC says that about their team.

FAU-W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–L | AU–W | UGA–W | VU–W | USC–L | FU–W | FSU–L

I think our defense is going to be solid, especially after the first few weeks when we’ve settled on a group of starters. I think we will run the ball early, often, and well. I see a team that’s productive on the ground, throws just enough to keep teams honest and stretch the field at times, and relies on a solid defense. My prediction assumes, however, that we avoid a rash of injuries. More than one or two injuries in the trenches and this team will grind to a halt. [fingers crossed]

I think the Gators slowly build steam early and get out to a 4-0 record, but get punched in the face against UA. Then, Les Miles will pull something crazy out of his ass – he always does – and steal a win from us. AU is way overrated. Muschamp will be FIRED UP for UGA and will scratch out a victory, sending Richt on his way. Lattimore/Jeffrey are too good, and I hate to admit but I think FSU is a step ahead of us.

8-4 and a Peach Bowl bearth.

Shawn Kopelakis

FAU–W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–L | AU–L | UGA–L | VU–W | USC–L | FU–W | FSU–L

You think earthquakes and hurricanes are disasters, wait until Gator Nation is rocked by 6-6. I have stocked up on canned goods, batteries and bottled water. I’m completely prepared for 6-6. This is worst case scenario (well I guess 5-7 is with a loss to the Vols or Kentucky). Honestly, I think we’ll shock someone and finish 7-5. At best, I could see 9-3 if the defensive front seven is as good as advertised and they find reliable playmakers on offense and Brantley is who we thought he was 15 months ago. But record is really not important this year. The foundation, the fundamentals, the style, the attitude and the identity are all the matter. Get tough, get mean, get angry, get experience, get depth and get ready for challenging for the SEC in 2012 and beyond.

Scott Francis

FAU-W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–W | AU–L | UGA–W | VU–W | USC–W | FU–W | FSU–L

I haven’t felt this way since the Gators started the 2003 season with the QB Pu Pu Platter of (previous year’s starting punter) Ingle Martin, true freshman Chris Leak, and left fielder Gavin Dickey, but I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this football team. As of January 1, I didn’t know what to expect and then we lost our best player to the sticky-icky (Janoris). Then our highly touted Tight End injures his knee. Then our 3rd linebacker, who used to be a tight end, moves back to tight end… we think. I know that on defense we’re young and athletic. On offense, again, i haven’t a clue what to expect. Quick quiz: late in the 4th quarter and we need a first down on 3rd and 8… who are we throwing the ball to? The answer is: I have no earthly idea. 4:00 left to go and we have a 3 point lead… who’s getting the lion’s share of the carries at tailback to salt away the game? ::shrugs::

All of that smells incredibly like the season of a young, athletic and reloading team. We will beat somebody that we “shouldn’t” (Bama/LSU/School our West on upset alert??) and we’ll lose to some SEC West team that we shouldn’t lose to (Auburn the only one that fits that bill this year and I actually think they’re going to suck). As ususal, we should be Tennessee and Georgia. Kentucky hasn’t beaten us in 756 years. This wreaks of an 8-4 season, with 9-3 as a possibility if at some point this season, somebody reminds South Carolina that they’re South Carolina. We will likely spend the last game of the year scoreboard watching hoping that Georgia loses to Auburn to no avail. 8-9 wins and another trip to the Outback, hopefully to take on Ohio State and their 82 yards of offense.

Watch out for Johnny Brantley as All-SEC 2nd team this year.

Dustin Davis

FAU–W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–L | AU–W | UGA–W | VU–L | USC–L | FU–W | FSU–L
New coaching staff implementing their scheme makes it a tough season.  I have no idea what’s going to happen this year (like Scott).  I have us losing to Vandy as the game we should win that we don’t.  And now the baby is crying now, so that’s all I can give you.

FML. Go Gators.

Dory LeBlanc

FAU-W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–L | AU–L | UGA–W | VU–W | USC–L | FU–W | FSU–L

Some really good things to come are the return of Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey. Based on pro-sets Charlie Weis has run in the past, the offense has the reputation of a more traditional smash mouth football, in which the running backs are not called upon as frequently to catch the ball, and the TEs and WRs do a lot of blocking. If you look at Kansas City Chiefs last year who led the league in rushing (2,363 yards combined between Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones), Charles and Jones also combined for 59 receptions, meaning Weis obviously has tweaked the traditional EP Scheme. With two dynamic running backs, this should make it easy for John Brantley to set up the play-action which is a regular function in the system. It also calls for a FB (Trey Burton) and a blocking TE (Jordan Reed); check and check (sort of – he’s working on it). Worried seeing “don’t worry Brantley will be fine” is some kind of taunt? Don’t worry, Brantley will be fine. In fact, you don’t even need a great QB or WR in this system. The spread has not been completely abandoned; you can see New England routinely run entire drives using it. There is always going to be room for change, and things will be tweaked, but the foundation of the system remains. I also like Ronald Powell in the buck. A lot. Based on all of that, my prediction is 8-4 or 7-5. I think we win the first four (FAU, UAB, Tenn, @ Kentucky), lose the next two (@ Alabama, @ LSU), *on the fence for the next two teams* (@ Auburn and Vs. Georgia), defeat Vandy, lose to South Carolina, beat Furman, and lose to FSU.

Chris Weathers

FAU-W | UAB–W | UT–L | UK–W | UA–L | LSU–W | AU–W | UGA–L | VU–W | USC–L | FU–W | FSU–W

Kick Off Eve. It is difficult not to be optimistic when both columns read 0, but I must temper myself with realistic expectations for what is a young team, a new coaching staff, and the most competitive conference in the land. Here is the Weathers forecast with notes:

FAU – Win. Expect many mistakes, but also expect a load of enthusiasm and ‘will’ to win. This may look similar to the opening game struggle last year, but victory is nigh.
UAB – Win. I know it doesn’t make headlines, but I’ve always enjoyed the Gator ‘preseason’ games. Expect some improvement on offense against a weak Blazer D.
UT – Loss. It hurts me to put that out there, but this will be a sphincter-tightening choke loss.
UK – Win. Gators regroup on the road and win another ugly one.
UA – Loss. The Gators will keep it competitive in the first half, but the size, athleticism, and sith lord Saban will wear them down in the second.
LSU – Win. 9 point underdog Gators will pull off a wild upset in Baton Rouge.
AU – Win. There’s karma to pay on The Plains. The Gators rally again on the road to pull one out.
UGA – Loss. Richt’s nuts are on the line in this game, which doesn’t usually bode well for a big performance. Somehow, the Dawgs get it done. Gators pull out of a brutal October 2-2.
VU – Win. The streak continues over the ‘Dores.
USC – Loss. The road is unkind this time for the Gators. Lattimore overcomes what has become a solid defense.
FU – Win.
FSU – Win. Underdog at home. A great way to end the regular season.

8 wins would have me giddy under the circumstances, so I couldn’t completely tune out Polyanna. If we grab 9 like the Franchise is pushing, we’re going streaking!

UnsportsmanLike Gentleman (Muschamp Intensity Meter Creator)

FAU-W | UAB–W | UT–W | UK–W | UA–W | LSU–W | AU–W | UGA–W | VU–W | USC–W | FU–W | FSU–W

14-0.  Don’t roll your eyes. And don’t call me crazy. I’m not crazy. You’re crazy. Who said that? [Looks around in a paranoid frenzy] Here’s why the Mighty Gators are going undefeated. First of all, Florida owns the SEC East. This is indisputable fact. The only team with a chance is South Carolina and Stephen Garcia will be on Celebrity Rehab by week 3. That leaves the SEC West and the non-conference games. Now, I haven’t looked at those games, so I have no idea who Florida plays in those weeks, but I’m sure they’re all cupcakes. 14-0! WOOOOOO!

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