30 for 30 – Question #30: Who do we trust to get 3 feet?

Bourbon Meyer is going to camp!

Not actual training camp, but we’re going to get ourselves into tip-top writing shape. Welcome to the first (and probably only) Bourbon Meyer “30 for 30″. 

30 Questions answered in 30 Days.

Back in the “Bleacher Report Days”, I wrote an article about the “Top 15 questions the Gators have in Tim Tebow’s senior year”. Well, two years removed… we have a good 30 questions… but that’s OK. We’re going to ask and answer these going into the 2012 season! These are not ranked in any particular order, just as we come up with them… although we’ll probably save the obvious ones for later.

Let’s get started

Question #30: It’s late in the game… Gators have the ball and it’s 3rd and 1. Who does the nameless/faceless TBD Quarterback turn and give the ball to?

I actually asked this question in those exact words of new offensive coordinator Brent Pease in a public forum in the past week. I thought I was an evil genius by asking the question this way. There are assumptions in the question that I intentionally made, thinking that he may tip his hand a bit. Here they are:

– I “Nameless/Faceless TBD QB” was thrown in to see if he might bite and name a starter. No chance.

– “…turn and give the ball to” implies that on 3rd and 1 the QB will be taking the snap from under center.

– “…give the ball to” assumes that we are indeed, running the ball on 3rd and 1.

Well… just because Coach Pease is in his first year at UF, he certainly did a year as OC at Boise St. and served some time in the SEC when he was at Kentucky and this wasn’t his first rodeo. For your reading pleasure… the transcript of that question’s response:

Pease: “Oh… I don’t know. Are we winning?”

Me: “Yes, by 3”

Pease: “OK. Home or away?”

Me: “We’re on the road, in conference”

Pease: “::sigh:: Where are we on the field?”

Me: without hesitation, cause I had this thought out “Our own 4o”

Pease: scratches head, but having fun with me “How much time is left?”

Me: again… no flinch. “3 minutes and 8 seconds”

Pease: annoyed at this point “uhhhh… in that situation we’re going to <<<REDACTED>>>

Me: “Thank you for actually answering my question”

As my question implied a bunch of things, his response assumed nothing. He didn’t treat it as a throw away and just list all 9 running backs and QBs on scholarship or say, “Well it depends on where we are and how we’re playing and how much time, so all of those things will come into play” and leave it at that. I actually thought he might ask, “What are the weather conditions??” and/or “Is there wind? Are we going into it? Are we facing a closed or open end of a stadium?” I love coaches.

I really appreciated him answering the question.

We apologize for redacting the answer. This event wasn’t a press event (We’re not really the press, but ya know…), but more of a conversation amongst fans and friends type atmosphere. I know coaches are paranoid and we are too. I would hate to put it out there and then on the road with 3:08 left against South Carolina on our own 40 with a 3 point lead have Spur Dogg and his boys load up on the play/players mentioned and something go wrong. Your disappointment is well worth me not thinking about it all year.

(Editorial note: If we have a 3 point lead and the ball with 3:08 at Columbia this year… I just won’t know what to do with myself).

(Editorial note 2: We don’t play at Columbia this year. The lesson as always… I’m an idiot)

So to summarize: On 3rd and 1, late in the game needing a yard… it depends. But when the chips are down, Coach Pease’s answer ultimately told me what kind of coach he is x’s and o’s wise… but the way he answered to me much more about him. We’re excited and glad he’s on board… I think the players will really like him.

Next up: Question #29- Was Will Muschamp secretly (or not so secretly) thrilled that Charlie Weis left?

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2 Responses to 30 for 30 – Question #30: Who do we trust to get 3 feet?

  1. Tony Smith says:

    Mike Gillislee!

  2. Charles says:

    We won’t be in Columbia this year pal. Neither Missouri or South Carolina, and if it’s next year we know Gilli ain’t getting the rock.

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